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Before and During the Present Pandemic

At the beginning of 2020 everything indicated that it would be a year full of activities. Before this quarantine we were able to serve the Lord specifically in activities such as:

The ladies, who volunteer in the children's feeding ministry, being blessed with underwear and personal hygiene products that were donated to them; a small but loving way to thank them for all the hard and heavy work they do each week for God.

New believers being baptized.

Planning the men's camp.

Discipling and mentoring leaders while planning and visiting new areas for church planting.

Disciplining ourselves to pray daily for things we take for granted and forget too often to thank God for from our hearts. For example; having electricity, water, propane gas, food, and gasoline... for every believer in Venezuela, this is the most constant and the most genuine thanksgiving expressed for God's miraculous provision.

Then, suddenly AND with no way to prepare ourselves, given the current condition of the country, quarantine is declared! Regardless, it is during this time that believers are putting into practice “loving one's neighbor as one loves oneself” in every way. How? It is during this time that the Holy Spirit of God is leading us to overcome our own fears and give to others, trusting that it will be the Lord who multiplies the flour and the oil.

Much prayer is the key! We visit church families to pray with them and deliver food that could well be the miracle for which they prayed for their livelihood. Ministering in a rural area in Venezuela means that 6 out of 10 believers do not have smart phones, home computers or internet access, so maintaining communication with the brethren is truly difficult. However, as a servant of God, it has been necessary to deliver each and every one of those sheep into the hands of the good Shepherd so that He may sustain them physically and spiritually. This means everyone in the congregation, but especially those whom I cannot reach at the moment. Currently, there is a total ban on gasoline for the public, and there is no certainty of when or how things will normalize. Water and electricity continue to be a frequent request for prayer. We are asking God to have mercy on Venezuela in the coming weeks and that His peace that passes all understanding will keep our hearts.

Our constant prayer for the churches and pastors in the USA is that their fa

ith is strengthened and the work of the Lord continues to advance throughout and beyond this trying time!

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