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2 Quarter newsletter 2023


Newsletter July 2023

Greetings from Venezuela.

We are writing to inform all of our churches and friends that we will be making a short furlough trip to the US the last part of this July.

There are three main reasons why this trip is necessary at this time:

(1) There is no American embassy in Venezuela, and we need to apply for new passports.

(2) Considering the cancer treatment that my mother-in-law went through at the beginning of the year, this is a long awaited visit for the entire family (US and Venezuela) to thank God for her healing and care. Also, being that Marllorys’ family has not been together for Christmas since 2006, this will be an opportunity for our children to see their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all together.

(3) It is time to report what great things the Lord has been doing in the new urban church plant here in the city of Barquisimeto (Anchor Baptist Church).

We ask for your prayers in these specific areas:

(1) Our journey to the USA represents eight hours of travel in Venezuela, crossing the border to Colombia, and flying from there to Panama, Miami, and then Texas. In all it will be a three day trip for two adults and three teenagers with only backpacks to carry. May God guide and guard our departure and return every step of the way is our prayer.

(2) Pray for the provision of a vehicle with which we can travel to different churches from September to November.

(3) Pray for God to allow us to effectively present the financial needs of this new work, specifically regarding the construction of Sunday school classrooms for the children and teenagers that are attending the church.

(4) Pray for the opportunity to establish relationships with new churches who can support the ministry in Venezuela, especially since this is the country recognized with the highest economic inflation in the World.

We are trusting the Lord to direct our lives toward encounters with:

(1) People who need to know about Christ throughout this trip.

(2) Brothers in the faith whom we can thank in person for their generosity throughout our 17 years of ministry in Venezuela.

(3) Open doors enabling us to continue being channels of blessing to the churches, pastors and families of Venezuela which we love and pray for, so that the Gospel of Christ may be known.

We look forward to updating you on the work that God is doing in Venezuela.

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