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Merry Christmas from Venezuela

We just wanted to take some time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from Venezuela, and we hope you have a wonderful and blessed New Year. 2020 is almost over, and it certainly has been an interesting year! It has been challenging for us as individuals, as a family, and in the ministry as well. Regardless, we have seen God work in such a beautiful way. We can only praise Him for His goodness and mercy! We have seen positive changes in the last few months. First, the country has begun to open up, allowing us to travel and minister in a much more open way. Praise the Lord! We had a two-day men’s retreat and a two-day women’s retreat to encourage the church. We will be having an all- day activity for the teenagers this coming weekend; and on Sunday the 27th, we will have a Christmas celebration service with a meal that we hope to feed everyone who comes. I will try to post some pictures of the activity. We plan on making “hallacas” (pronounced: ah-yah- cas), a typical Venezuelan “tamale” that most people will not be able to make because of financial difficulties. Thankfully, God used a dear family who sent several boxes with different things, including several cans of chicken, that we will use to make the hallacas for the Christmas lunch. Attached is a video that we sent out a month ago to several churches that asked how things are going and how they may help. To sum it up, our greatest burden as missionaries is for the national pastors and leaders who are in need of a bicycle to move around because of the gas crisis in the country. Even an electric hot plate could help them out because of the lack of propane. Maybe someone could help fix a refrigerator that had a motor burn out because of the power outages. If God lays it on your heart to help, just make sure you send the donation with the phrase “national pastors” attached. P.S. We praise the Lord and ask for your prayers concerning our visas, as we have been informed that we should be receiving them some time this month. Also pray for the activities that are still to come this year. Thank you!

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